A woman discovers her husband’s infidelity using a ‘hidden’ phone hack

A woman discovers her husband's infidelity using a 'hidden' phone hack
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A woman checked her husband’s “hidden” photo album telephone and found evidence that he had been cheating.

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The woman turned to Reddit‘c “Relationship Advice” forum to ask for help. She struggled to decide whether to confront her husband about his cheating. She also felt guilty for going through his telephone.

The woman explained that she was using her husband’s telephone to work on their finances when she gets a sudden impulse to eavesdrop. “I checked the ‘hidden’ photo album,” she recalls. “All the pictures there were personal pictures of me, but mixed in there I found a picture of his ex’s bikini and a girl’s tits, which obviously weren’t mine.”

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Amazed by what she found, a woman decided to go through her husband’s text messages to find more information. She discovered her husband (then-boyfriend) had visited his ex-girlfriend in November 2020. “He contacted his ex and was hanging out with her,” she wrote. “I don’t know if they had sex, but I’m pretty sure they did or at least something physical happened.

The woman then examines the picture of “tits” she finds. She discovered the photo was of a woman her husband slept with before they started dating. Strangely though, the photo was pulled much later when Reddit poster and her current husband were already together.

“On the same date the old photo was saved (November 2020) he reached out and just said ‘Hey X how are you?’ I was thinking about you,” the woman explained. “Me too [think] so he went back, saved the old photo and then held out his hand.

The woman continued to look through her husband’s phone, but found no other evidence of infidelity. However, she was extremely shaken by the fact that her husband he had lied to her about those two incidents.

The woman explained that she and her husband were newlyweds and that she had moved to a new country to be with him. She asked Reddit if she should confront her husband. “I really don’t know how to feel or what to do,” she wrote. “How do I tell him I saw his phone?” Or just walk away [him]?

Redditors almost unanimously advised the woman to keep a record of her husband’s infidelity, and many advised her to leave him.

“Send your evidence with dates and then confront him telling him what you found. Why does it matter if he knows you’re eavesdropping at this point?” wrote one Redditor.

“Based on his actions, he has very little respect for you and if he cheated once, he will most likely do it again,” commented another Redditor.

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