Judge refuses to remove Visa from Pornhub child pornography lawsuit

Judge refuses to remove Visa from Pornhub child pornography lawsuit
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A federal judge ruled Friday that Visa helped Pornhub “monetize child pornography” and sex trafficking, a ruling that could have long-lasting consequences for credit card companies, legal observers said.

The court denied Visa’s request to be dropped from a lawsuit against porn parent company MindGeek, ruling that there was enough evidence to show that the company “knowingly provided[ed] the tool used to complete the crime of distributing child pornography.

The decision was made in connection with a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims Pornhub dragged its feet after she warned it was hosting a revealing video taken of her when she was 13 — at one point demanding photographic proof. that she is the same child in the video.

After a few weeks, the clip, titled “13-year-old brunette shows off on camera,” was taken down but re-uploaded to other MindGeek sites in 2014, garnering millions of views and earning money for Visa-backed advertising for the company, the victim claims .. The illegal clip was still on the company’s sites until 2020, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff fell into a deep depression, attempted suicide and became a heroin user after her unwanted fame, she claims. Still a minor, she began appearing in other porn videos created by an older man to support her habit, the lawsuit said.

In his decision, US District Court Judge Cormac Carney wrote that there was sufficient evidence to establish that Visa was involved in a criminal conspiracy with the online pornographers.

“Here’s Visa standing and controlling the valve, insisting she can’t be blamed for the water spill because someone else is holding the hose,” Carney wrote.

Visa claimed it was an innocent third party and was denied by a judge when the credit card company asked to be removed from the case.

“When MindGeek decides to monetize child pornography and Visa decides to continue to allow its payment network to be used for this purpose, despite knowledge of MindGeek’s monetization of child pornography, it is entirely foreseeable that victims of child pornography such as the plaintiff will suffer the damages.” , which “Plaintiff alleges,” the ruling said.

The Central District Court of California also ordered MindGeek to submit to jurisdictional discovery and shed light on its shady operations, which the judge said provided a “hopeless molehill situation for victims.”

He also rejected Visa’s argument that it was an innocent third party, saying the credit card company briefly cut ties with Pornhub in 2020 amid accusations that it stored thousands of illegal videos before rejoining forces .

The plaintiff’s lead attorney, Michael Bowe, spoke exclusively to The Post about the verdict Saturday night.

“The Court’s finding that our detailed complaint adequately alleges that Visa engaged in a criminal conspiracy to monetize child pornography means that Visa and other credit card companies will finally face the civil and perhaps criminal consequences of this unconscionable and illegal activity,” Bowe said. partner at Brown Rudick.

The news came a month later Two Pornhub executives have resigned amid widening investigations into alleged juvenile and objectionable videos on the site.

MindGeek, which is based in Montreal and also owns Brazzers, RedTube and YouPorn, claims 115 million daily visitors and 3 billion daily ad impressions.

Pornhub was the ninth most popular website in the US last month. According to Semrush, a search engine marketing company.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said it investigated about 5 million suspected child pornography videos in 2021.

Visa did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post.

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